532: A Simple Step to Help You Continue Being Happy, or to Rediscover Your Joy

532: A Simple Step to Help You Continue Being Happy, or to Rediscover Your Joy

Hello my friends and welcome to Five Minute Mojo.  Originally Five Minute Mojo was going to be called “ The Big Questions”.  I shied away from that title for a number of reasons but the biggest one was that I didn’t want listeners to think that I was going to be getting into heavy duty stuff. That and of course no one wants to think heavy duty at the end of a long day, regardless of what you do.

I want to help you realize that life isn’t heavy.  Sure there are times when things can get thrown off course, but the goal is to understand and experience joy as often as possible. Since it’s Friday I am feeling a little whimsical.  I am going to throw the question of the day smack in the beginning of the episode.

What is happiness to you?  What things add a smile to your face?  Do you even know?  I am sure you can think of some of them.  

I have been doing a great deal of reading about the nature of happiness.  One thing I have read is that the advice to simply choose happiness is a setup, that many people can’t even fathom that being happy is an option.  To suggest they opt for happiness is like asking them to describe nuclear fusion, it’s just out of their comprehension.  And to ask them to choose it causes anxiety.  

With all that reading I am not sure I agree with that philosophy.  Happiness is not nuclear fusion.  That learning comes from books.  Anything learned is outside of who we are.  Yet Love and the ability to be joyful is in our nature.  It is our nature.

I fully believe that.  So when some people or many people seem so separated from contentedness it’s not because it doesn’t exist.  It isn’t because it’s a concept that is absolutely foreign to them.  It’s because they have forgotten.  it isn’t a concept that is strange or foreign.  It isn’t like learning a new language.  

Love, happiness and growth exist in each of us, and for those who feel it’s unreachable, it isn’t, because it never left.  It’s still there within you.  Right now, in each of us there is a font of wellbeing.  It’s not for a select few: the wealthy, the powerful or the attractive.  It is the very makeup of each of us.

So I am going to go against what I have read and tell you to choose happiness.  And for those of you who feel it is a concept that is beyond your understanding then you need to start small.  Right now, think of a moment when you were happy.  It may have been a long time ago or it may have been minutes.  Time is irrelevant in this instance.  I am not asking you to remember when you were happy, I am asking you to simply remember that feeling, regardless of time frame.  If your life has been difficult and you haven’t felt connected to happiness and love then it’s time to change.  and like everything it begins with a thought.  Remember happiness, if only for the briefest of moments and let it sit in your being.  Feel it resonating with who you are.  it may seem alien if you have not experienced it in a long time but I beg you to try.

Don’t get caught up in the anxiety or the sadness that it doesn’t exist in this exact moment.  That’s not the point. Realize that because you experienced happiness before it means you can again.  In remembering that time you aren’t accessing a memory.  You are accessing much more, something much deeper.  You’re experiencing joy.

For those of you who are struggling, take the briefest of moments to feel that joy again.  It may be fleeting for now and you may return quickly to feeling sad but even in a second remembering happiness you are pulling yourself out of despair.

For those of you who are not feeling down I urge you to do the same thing, remember and feel joy.  Carry it with you every day.

I’m not Pollyanna.  I know life can be tough at times.  But tough times are not forever.  You can see through to a brighter day.  

So in ending today I will reiterate the question of the day, When was the last time you were truly happy?  Here’s an AP question.  When was the last time you literally said out loud or in your head, that you were happy?

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Questions of the Day:

  • What is happiness to you? 
  • What things add a smile to your face? 




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