Episode 36: Where is your mind; in the Past or the Future

Today I talked about how to bring yourself into this moment, how to connect fully using all your senses.  While I consider it absolutely awesome advice I too have challenges not looking ahead to see "what I have to do"?

On some level its one part ignorance of the bliss it can provide and another part a lack of satisfaction with this moment.  Whatever the case, will you make an effort to live more fully in this moment? Or will you scurry about until your body is too tired to race about?  Let's talk about it.

Question of the Day:

When was the last time you spent an entire hour in the present moment? When your mind wanders from the moment where does it go? To the past or the future

Action of the Day:

At 8:00 tonight? Stop.  In your mind describe what you are seeing and feeling, either to yourself or to a loved one.


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