You Become Better or Worse Depending on Where You Spend Your Time

I use the word autopilot a lot in my writing and podcasting because it is a fitting word for talking about how the majority of people go through life.  That’s not a judgment.  I don’t know what anyone is here to experience on this planet and I never will.  The only person who knows why they are here is that person.  Ironically enough the only way to determine why is with introspection and awareness, not un-examined reactions.

The other day I was giving a talk about ways to become calm.  In my presentation there were the typical, or not so typical depending on who you are, ways to become calmer in the moment.  Deep breathing was mentioned as was taking a walk or smelling essential oils.  One thing I mentioned though is outside of the scope of commonplace and that is why I want to share it with you today.

It has to do with the places where you spend your time.  We all have places that we go to regularly for food, gas, banking, etc.  But have you thought about why you go there?  For many people it’s convenience.  The supermarket is on the way home from work so it’s a quick stop in and you are on your way.  Think of this though.  Have you ever wondered what else is going on when you go into any place?  I’m not talking about anything sinister, I’m talking about energy.  I don’t want to sound all woo-woo but there is a benefit in understanding that every place we visit has an energy about it.  Skeptical or not, you can’t tell me you haven’t gone into a store or restaurant and felt that something was “off”.   Each place holds the energy of the people who have frequented there.  That energy is definitely from the people who are there everyday, working, but it’s also the people that go in and out and frequent there.  

Become aware of the ways you feel wherever you go.  Don’t be judgmental but when you enter any place, feel how it resonates in your gut.  Your gut is your intuition.  Depending on where you go you may see a variety of people that you may not typically associate with on a regular basis.  It’s important to point out that judgments about a place from people’s physical appearance should not enter into your assessment.  Don’t allow any biases or prejudices to cloud your determination of the energy of the places you frequent.

If the energy of the place seems light, meaning it creates a sense of calm and joy within you, then by all means continue spending time, energy and in some cases money there.  Do business with establishments that provide you with a sense of wellbeing.

Conversely, regardless of convenience, if you find there are some places that seem heavy, the energy of the patrons and staff are angry, confrontational or brusque then simply make a decision not to go there.  Doing so negatively impacts your sense of calm and peace.

I have an analogy that I share with people.  it’s like this.  Places with negative energy are like places with radiation. You wouldn’t spend time anywhere that was rife with plutonium, right.  Convenient or not you wouldn’t pick up a loaf of bread from a store that had radiation.  It would damage your health.  The same goes for places that have a negative energy about them.  They too create stress and impair your health.  Once you determine a place has a less than positive feel, stop going there.

Let me bring it home for you with the question of the day.  Where was the last place you visited that left you uneasy.  It could be a store, office or even a home.  Is there a place now that you routinely visit that leaves you feeling restless when you leave?  Why do you continue to go there?  Convenience is not an option.  Remember the radiation analogy.

Where you spend your time impacts your peace greatly.  Don't freely give your calm away because of convenience and a lack of awareness.

You are much wiser than that.


Thom WaltersComment