The Benefits of Being an Early Riser

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”


Benjamin Franklin

There aren’t many quotes or articles about the benefits of staying up late.  Plug in “early riser” in your search engine of choice and be prepared to sift through hundreds of rationales, regimens and routines about why and how to get it done.

Let’s just put it out there right off the bat.  People who are productive and successful wake up early.  There definitely is a mindset associated with getting up early, but that mindset can be cultivated by absolutely anyone who wishes to better themselves.  That is the point right there.   People who literally plan their sleep and awake early are invested in creating their days.  They take action to create the day they wish to have.  The aren’t reactive.

The best reason for getting up early is the fact that the rest of the world is still asleep.  That means there are no phones to answer, no kids to chauffeur and no unexpected guests at your house or office.  Getting up early means that you have time to yourself.   You have quiet uninterrupted time to do what ever you want. The possibilities are endless.  You can learn a new language, finish reading a book, journal, exercise or start your own business. 

Most productive

Productive people use the extra hours in the morning for a variety of uninterrupted tasks.  The most common is mapping out the day.  Others use the extra quiet time for meditating or engaging in some introspective study.  Those wishing to meditate will find the quiet of the morning absolutely suited for quiet reflection.  With an uninterrupted span of time, business people use the time to answer emails without distraction.  Productivity flourishes in the morning because at that time we are the…

Most creative

Minds are freshest in the morning once they have adapted to an early morning routine.  Upon waking up early you will find that your thinking is clear and focused.    Professional writers and personal journal writers find the link to their creative self is strongest first think in the morning.  Even the “non-creative” will find unique solutions to business challenges with the increased level of creativity.  Our minds are freshest in the morning because they have not collected the questions, worries of others, and daily minutia that fill our heads by the end of the day.

Most Energy

The best reason to wake up early is to use the abundant supply of energy, mental and physical, to accomplish personal goals.  Exercise in the morning is optimal because energy is highest.  Have you ever tried sticking to an exercise routine in the evenings after having worked 9 hours?  It’s tough.  Even the loftiest of goals lose their steam at the end of the day.  Rationalizations become very strong in the evening.  If you want to tackle anything new the best time is before you body and mind are fatigued.  Use the energy of a early new day to give you the power you need to get it done.

It’s clear the morning holds value.  Those who clamor for more time in the day have it at their fingertips at the beginning of the day.  The most convincing part of having more time is that it belongs to you, for whatever you want.  If you are convinced then come back here tomorrow for the steps to getting it done.


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