React or Be Calm: Which Works For You

There is one thing you can always control; the way you respond to any situation.  

One of the absolute best ways to become calm is to know that you always have the ability to respond to any situation in a way that serves you.

You are absolutely, unequivocally responsible for your emotions.  No question.

Some people have an unserving belief that other people are able to "push their buttons". 

There are no "buttons" if you choose to respond to upsetting situations with calm.

What does it take to do that?  An understanding of who you are, and a desire to live your life purposefully.

Suppose someone cuts you off in traffic, You are safe and your car is undamaged, what are all the options?

  • Lay on your horn, swear, and possibly respond with an angry hand gesture.
  • Put down your phone, food or drink and drive undistracted.
  • Express silent gratitude that you and your car are unhurt
  • Continue driving being more conscious of your surroundings.
  • Make your way to the Right hand lane and decide to drive slower

Here is the important thing to remember; all the options above are your choice.  How would you respond?

The first option is the only one that is a reaction.  All the others are conscious choices.

People who are fully aware of who they are, do not react, the make conscious choices.  Those who are unsure, react.

An we all know the best way to become aware of who we are, right?  I have two answers;

Meditation and Five Minute Mojo

I can help you with both of them.  Just ask me.  I am always here for you.



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