Connecting with Something Bigger Brings Peace

There is an unparalleled sense of calm when we connect with something bigger than ourselves.

I talked about it on ZEN commuter today but I thought a bit more exposition would help make the message resonate more.

When you question your life, your choices, where you are and where you have been, how many times are you thinking of other people?

Not much, right?

When I talk about questioning your life in this instance, I am speaking more about the uneasy questioning of your life. You know the times; when you are in a funk or just feeling a bit out of sorts.

In those melancholy times you are fully immersed in you, your human you. 

For me, when I get in those times (and of course, I do) I can easily pull myself back to feeling more alive by connecting with something bigger.

It's not necessarily God, but it can be.  And it can be for you as well, whatever religion you belong to.  And you can connect to something bigger even if you don't have or believe in a religion.

You can connect to nature, all of nature. You have to commit to it though. You can't be ambling through the woods, with your nose in your phone. I mean walking in nature, fully taking in all around you.  Seeing the colors, feeling the breeze on your face, watching animals scurrying and flying about.  You can hear the sounds of the birds.

You can also connect to the entire population of the planet.  Oh yeah, I said that, and it's not as grand as it may seem.  How do you do it?

You stop and you look at the people around you, without judgment.  You start by connecting with one person.  You connect with them by realizing that they are absolutely just like you.  They have a beating, feeling heart.  The energy that resides in them, resides in you.  The energy of life and love connects you.

Once you have connected with that one person, expand your focus to the other people all around you. Understand that even though you are unique, there is a bond that connects us all.

Whether it is with God, nature or your fellow man or woman, when you expand your focus past the confines of your individual mind and body, you feel calmer.

Thom WaltersComment