266: The Top 10 Time Wasters and 3 Apps to Help You

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"It's named the "Web" for a reason" - David Foster Wallace

If the end of the day comes and you feel like you haven't accomplished anything then perhaps you are losing time in places you haven't thought of.  Many people do a variety of things at multiple times throughout the day.  Singly they do not amount to much, but together they can eat up huge amounts of time.

Whether it is business or home, think about email.  How many times do you go into that in a day? it's a ton, right?  Well, the same is true for texting and a variety of other activities.

Don't you want to know why you don't have the time you think you need to get everything done? Then perhaps you should track where you spend your time.  In this age of technology you have the ability to do it easily with a number of apps.  Today I talk about those apps and how they can assist you in getting your time back.

Topics Discussed in This Episode

  • The difference between shopping and buying
  • Why listening to the news is a waste of time
  • Smartphone applications to help you track your time
  • The top ten wasters of time


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Apple Apps for Time Tracking

Android Apps for Time Tracking

Question of the Day

What is the one thing you feel you waste the most time on?

Action of the Day

Research and install one of the Apps mentioned.


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