864: Three Ways to Begin a Spiritual Practice

There are people who are satisfied to live an unexamined life.  However, others seek to understand their existence; to understand the answers to the bigger questions.  This desire to experience more is at the heart of spirituality.  But many people don't want to be spiritual because they think the time commitment is too much or that they literally have to go on a pilgrimage.  Both perceptions are inaccurate.  Today I talk about 3 ways to begin a spiritual practice.

What you will Learn in this episode:

  • How to take a spiritual vacation
  • Why a cell phone is not needed on a spiritual vacation
  • A definition of Spirituality
  • Why volunteering at a homeless shelter is the preferred method of beginning a spiritual practice.
  • List of spiritual authors to read

Links from the episode:

10 Modern Spiritual Authors

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