746: Overcoming Odds and Changing the World

We all have faced challenges in our lives.  We should hope to.  We grow when we are faced with adversity.  How many times have you been tested and triumphed when you are either on a vacation at the beach or at work with everything going perfectly.  Never, right?  You find out what you are made of when you are faced with difficulty

Many people forget this.  They get dragged down in drama of their own creation.  They either bemoan the fact that life is hard as they plod through their calamities, or they simply give up and settle: all the while cursing the life that was handed to them.

There is a great quote that may sound cliche, but holds a multitude of truth.

"It's not the hand your dealt that matters, it's how you play your cards."

This week I want to share five stories with you of people who have overcome tremendous obstacles and gone on to literally change the world for the better.  What is the purpose?  So you can hopefully follow their lead when things seem overwhelming for you.  It is the hope that these stories inspire you to not get bogged down in your drama, but to stand firm and persevere to the end.

Things you will learn in this episode:

  • The challenges of Helen Keller
  • The heights to which she rose despite her disabilities

Links from this episode:

Helen Keller Wikipedia Page

Speech given by Keller at Harvard Commencement


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