703: 18 Ways to Become More Spontaneous by Lianne Choo

On some level I think that listeners may not realize that I am a spontaneous man.  They hear me pump up the praise for order, goal setting and minimalism.  What they don't know is that I will step into a new restaurant every now and then and eat something I have never heard of before. They aren't with me as I turn down a street that I have never been down before simply because it looks interesting.

For me, life is waiting to be experienced.  There are surprises and adventure around every corner.  the only way to experience them is to become spontaneous.

Today I turn to a blogger who definitely has the right idea when it comes to spontaneity.  Lianne Choo shares here thoughts on how to turn your spontaneity switch on.

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18 Ways to Become More Spontaneous by Lianne Choo


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