698: How to Stop Trying to Fit In

it is part of our genetics; not handed down from mother or father, but from time and humanness. We all yearn to belong, to fit in.  It was a necessity in the caveman days and even many years after, maybe even millennia.  Perhaps that is why it is so hard for many people to give up that belief; that to belong is an absolute necessity.  Obviously not everyone believes that, but the majority of people do.

Is it so wring to fit in?  Fit in? Yes.  Belong? Not at all.  There is a big distinction between belonging and fitting in.  One is forced and the other is natural.

Today I want to share a great article with you that I cam across that helps each of us understand that fitting in should not be the end goal.

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Things you will learn in this episode:

  • How to be yourself
  • Why "Me First" is not a selfish thing to believe
  • How to rock the boat

Links from this episode:

How to Stop Trying to Fit In by Anne Bechard


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