693: Learning How to be Happy: Evaluating the People In Your Life

Everyone wants to be happy, right?  So how come some people aren't?  I thought about this the other day and I came up with a pretty clear reason why; people don't assess where they are happy and where they are not.

Take people, for instance.  If you want to have a positive, uplifting and happy life you need to be surrounded by like minded people.  However, many people let negative people stay in their lives because they never assessed if they added to their lives or not.

Many people make excuses for having negative people in their lives. They feel they can't just quit a job with a boss that doesn't respect them (YOU CAN AND YOU SHOULD).  Or they feel that a parent that is abusive or unkind needs to stay in their lives (again, no, they don't)

This week I am putting the focus on helping you evaluate all the people in your life that you spend the most time with.  Today, I am going to talk about evaluating the people in your life and then once you have that list, the people that add to your life and the people that don't, then I will talk about how to change or relationship or end it.

On Friday I will talk about adding more positive people to your life.

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Things you will learn in this episode:

  • How to evaluate the people in your life
  • The positive qualities of people that add to your life
  • The negative qualities of the people in your life

Resources from the episode:

Exercise sheets for today's show:

Evaluating the people in your Life Exercise

Individual scoring sheet for the people in your life


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