672: Perfect Day Ingredients: Feeding Your Mind

For me, and I would imagine most ZEN commuters, growth is a goal; to become better each day. However, as much as many people want to grow, either spiritually, physically and mentally, it appears that many things get in the way.  It is important to point out though that is the most predominant outcome for the majority of the world.  They get swept up in other people's demands and end up as directionless as a leaf in a river.

To grow everyday, you need to make conscious decisions to stick to your goal.  You have to be resolute in not letting anyone or anything keep you from what you need to do.

Such is the case for all the ingredients that I am sharing with you each day.  Take today for  example, you will not become better if you choose to think the same thoughts each day.  to become better you must encourage yourself to seek out new ideas constantly.  Today I talk about how I do that.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • How the word "why" encourages you to think
  • The Importance of reading
  • How knowing more makes you more useful to the world


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