667: The Not So Nice Reasons You Give and How to Change That

I was hoping to have this episode go out later in the holiday season.  Then I thought about it. Most people won't have even digested their turkey before heading out to the mall for all the Black Friday deals, buying everything in the store to appease society and their own unserving needs.

Before you label me and this episode a Scrooge, let me tell you that true giving is absolutely beautiful.  When someone gives selflessly, with true love, it is a beautiful thing. However, as we all know, the holidays have become truly commercial in every regard.  And as much as everyone feels that way, most people feel powerless to change that and instead just go along blindly overspending and getting caught up in the buying fervor instead of focusing on the real reasons for holidays, love and charity.

In this episode I will focus on the ways you may be giving that don't serve you and how you can change that.

Things you Will Learn in this Episode:

  • Why Love is not a purchase or money
  • How to teach your children about giving
  • How giving can be linked to negative thinking
  • The best ways to give fully and consciously

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