660: Why You Think You Are Small and How to Stop that Thinking

There are forces around you that incessantly tell you that you are nothing, that you don't matter.  There are many messages you encounter each day that tell you that you don't measure up.  The time has come to find those messages and voices and silence them once and for all.

You are amazing.  You have the ability to lead an extraordinary life.  There are just as many ways to realize that you are powerful as their are ways to take away your strength.  Today I focus on five ways to help you understand that you are a gift to this world

Today is the day you start realizing how much you give to this world and how much you still have to offer.

What you will learn in this episode:

  • Five sources of disempowerment
  • 6 Ways to feel bigger
  • How Consumerism adds to your feelings of inadequacy
  • How to stop linking your value to your things

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