658: Your View of Who You Are Is Your View of the World (Your View of the World Week)

One thing I have not made clear up until now is the interaction between your view of who you are and how that impacts your view of the world.  Your mindset creates your interaction with the world.  From a very pragmatic approach, the world is neutral, in a sense.  How you perceive it gives it light or darkness.  Here's the thing though, once you imprint your view on it, you change your vibrational pattern and then those energies are manifested in the world around you and sent back to you to experience them more.

Today I talk about your relationship between the world and who you are.

In this Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to change your view of the world by changing your thoughts about you
  • How your body image makes you depressed
  • How to create a connection to the World


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