656: How Do You Treat Your Fellow Man and Woman (View of the World Week)

We grow up believing so much; trusting in those who raised us.  They try to instill in us the very principles that they abide by.  Hopefully, they do so with the goal of protecting you and trying to make your life happy.  However, ideas and thoughts you have about the world may still be the ones you grew up with.  Some may still indeed be fitting, and some of them may not.  Some of them were taught to you in order to help you navigate the world as a child.

You aren't a child anymore.  But have you looked at the thoughts you grew up with since then?  Have you changed them if you need to?  Have you come to understand that whoever teaches you anything about the world imprints their beliefs upon you, kmnowingly ior unknowingly.  Sometimes we watched our parents and modeled not so much of what they said but what they did.

With all this said, today I am going to talk about how your view of the people of the world has been created and how you can assess if it still fits for you in your adult years.  Of course, I will talk about how to make your view of the world more calm and purposeful.


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