576: 5 Ways to Become Smarter and the Reasons You Want To

There is no PC way of saying this.  If you don't continually grow each day, learn something new, then your life will never grow past where it is today.  Each of us grew up with schooling being mandated.  We absolutely had to go.  Not only did we have to go but we had to learn stuff we didn't even care about.  Then for some of us, came college.  Then at least you got to choose what you wanted to learn but you were so overwhelmed with the impending real world and collegiate drama that even that experience may have left you a little gun shy.

I get it.  I understand.  People want to put that learning thing away.  But you know you get to not only choose what to study now but you also have the absence of stress.  Learning can be fun now.  It should be.  If you don't choose to avail yourself to it then you can expect your life to be exactly as it is now, for the rest of your life.

Things you will Learn in this Episode

  • Five Online resources for free or minimal cost learning
  • 4 Reasons why learning each day will make you a better person


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