553: Dietary Fat: How Many Types of Fat Are There in a Body?

It seems like there are fifty million specific diets being touted on TV and on the internet.  They all have one goal, to make you lean and sexy, a value to society.  Once you reach your ultimate body you will be a warrior admired by all, a sexy bombshell who is valued above all else for her beauty.

Le's just cut all that BS out and focus on what really matters, being healthy.  Living a long life that you can use to benefit the world.  One way to be healthy is to watch what you eat, and while there are conflicting ideas about carbohydrates, there is equal uncertainty about dietary fat.  Today I will demystify the various types of dietary fat in an effort to help you limit your intake of those fats that are damaging.

What you will learn in this Episode:

  • The difference between the various forms of dietary fat.
  • The recommended daily amount of each of these fats
  • What foods contain different types of fat
  • New research about saturated fat





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