548: The Four Best Ways to Silence Your Inner Dialog

We all have one, absolutely every one of us.  Some people have a loud one that is incessant in its talking.  Others have found a way to hush the little devil.  And devil is an appropriate word, because it tries to tell you to give up, it raises hell with your self-esteem and your desire to live a better life.

What is it?  it's your inner dialog of course.  That never ending voice that criticizes you, tells you to quit.  It tells you not to make waves, to be like everyone else.  It is absolutely without value.  In fact it takes away from life.  The words it speaks are not accurate or true, yet we believe them.  At least you did, until today.  Today I talk about ways, 3 ways, to send that voice packing.

Links from the Episode:

Silencing the Inner Voice

Things You Will Learn

  • Where your inner dialog comes from
  • What it's function is
  • 4 Ways to Make it stop


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