534: How to Cultivate Long Term Thinking

Today I had the benefit of interviewing John Vespasian.  He is an author of 7 books with roughly the same premise; rationality is a mindset that will foster growth.  We talked about a variety of things and I encourage you to listen to the entire interview next week when it comes out.  However, one topic we did focus on was the lack of long term thinking in America, quite possibly the world.  It got me to thinking...Why do we have such a hard time thinking about the future?  Why do we always focus on the immediate gratification.  I am not sure if it buys into our collective feelings of mortality or if we are just too pampered to think of going without immediate niceties or comfort.  Either way, I found a great article by Trent Hamm of the Simple Dollar which explains a great take on long term thinking.

In this Episode, You Will Learn:

The benefits of long term thinking and how to cultivate it.


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