518: List Week: Your Top People Tell You So Much About Who You are, Human or Higher

Today I have a new list for you.  Or I should say that I have a new topic for a list for you to create.  Once you do I have a way to enhance the value of that list.  You won't want to miss today's episode.

The core of who you are, your soul, your higher self, whatever you want to call it, knows what it wants to experience in order to help it rediscover its' divinity, its' link to unconditional Universal Love.  However, when we take on human form our ideas of happiness change.  The truth about joy and love often times morphs into you chasing things, trying to assert your ego, etc.  This conflict creates uneasiness in your body and being.

That's why all this week we are looking introspectively by creating lists.  These seemingly innocuous lists hold some deep info about why we are unhappy or thriving.  So let's get into it today with people

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