447: You and Martin Luther King Have Something in Common

In the blog we discuss the benefit of realizing that when we embrace community we link to our higher selves.  We understand that we create joy when we realize that we are not completely separate entities.  We are one energy, splintered off into different physicalities.  Yet even though we are one energy, these “splinters” that are each of us, are amazing in their own right.

It seems that lately ( or maybe not so much) that people are timid about stepping out into the limelight.  And not even that boldly; it seems that many are content to be led around like sheep, bending to what the general consensus is.  So many people are afraid to be marked as individuals.  At times this desire to belong to a group can elicit some concerning behaviors.  Some instances are mild and some take us several steps back from embracing our divinity.  

 It is important to note that embracing community and going along with the crowd are two different thoughts entirely.  When we foster community, we link through our shared individuality.  It means we empower the parts of each of us that are divine, that link us to our higher selves.  It is through kindness and Love that we build community.  We acknowledge that we are the embodiment of Love and we connect through this bond.  We come together sharing our light and our Love.  We add to the group but recognizing that the “splinter” we are is a unique manifestation of the whole.

Conversely, when we go along with the crowd we disavow that we are unique.  We play down the fact that we have value; that our individual thoughts have merit.  In most cases we align ourselves with someone who is charismatic but steeped in humanness and ego.  And in doing so, an energy that does not serve us begins to grow.  Clearly anyone who knows history can think of some instances where this was the case.  Even on a smaller scale, more topically, we can think of situationssuch as looting where a crowd mentality festers.

But we are here to speak of the power of one.  There are times in our history where the group has become prominent.  But on more occasions, individuals have made amazing advances by acknowledging their power; divine power not chained by ego.  They have acknowledged Love and used their abilities to the betterment of all of us.  It is amazing to think of the strides of those such as: Martin Luther King, Albert Einstein or Susan B. Anthony, just to name a few.  In every culture and every ethnicity there have been amazing examples of individuals who embraced who they were and are.  These individuals knew that they were special; and not to the exclusion of others.  They were wholly self actualized to know that their voice was important because it spoke of Love and compassion.  Their contributions had merit because they lifted us up as a people.

How do each of us compare to these examples? Many would think that these are remarkable people with extraordinary gifts.  And this is true.  But the most amazing thing is that these people..are people, just like us.  Each of us has amazing abilities.  When we hide our gifts or disavow our higher selves we stay fully   human, unremarkable and ordinary.  But when we recognize that we matter we tap into the amazing energy that propels us to incredible heights.  When we embrace our power we find cures, we right social injustices and we make a difference.

The examples we speak of are wondrous.  Yet it is important to empower ourselves in daily situations as well, possibly even more so.  That means we purchase things because they serve a function; not because everyone else is.  It means if we see someone being unkind to another that we step in, with kindness, to show another way.  It means that if we see something on TV that we don’t just believe it because it is paired with bright colors or “ the voice of an expert”.  Most of all, we don’t kowtow to panic and fear.  Use your heart, mind and intuition to discern what is real and what is fear.  The media will make everything a calamity.   Their goal is money, not knowledge or well being.

If they are able to convince you that they are the ones with the information, correct or not, then you will return to watch their show, which will indeed allow them to charge more to advertisers.  And then, they make more money.  And if there isn’t anything for your to tune in for then they will create it.  They will create situations that will draw you back to follow.  In most cases they are situations that play on our fears.  Again, if they are the “source” that provides you with information to keep you safe, then you will tune in,  even if the danger is nonexistent or make believe.  

So, much like last blog, we think.  But more, we realize who we are individually.  Take a moment in solitude daily to find your voice, not the mumblings of the crowd.  Each of us matters.  Each of us, has within, the ability to do all the things we spoke of before.  Each of us can make a change.  Each of us can right a wrong.  Each of us has a voice that is clear and inspired and uniquely ours.  And whether it a word spoken in kindness to a stranger or a speech meant to inspire, we all can move mountains.

With Light and Love,



Thom WaltersComment