445: 5 Ways to Get and USE inspiration

I am a person who talks about the absolute necessity of surrounding yourself with positivity. Whether that is people, places or things, you need to constantly be bathed in energies that will move you forward.  As beneficial as that is, it is just one step.  You need to take action as well; to move towards the goals you have set up (you do set goals right?)

That step is lost on many people.  They surround themselves with positivity, drink it in, but expect it to work like a magic spell.  Such is the case with inspiration.  Those looking to live an inspired life get quotes mailed to them daily, listen to podcasts and read books but fail to take steps to implement those principles.  It is a one-two punch; you need to be inspired and then act on the messages you take in.  Doing only half leaves you enervated for a few minutes and then has you going back to doing the same things that have you feeling the need to change.

Today I talk about the ways to get inspiration but then use it to propel your success.

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