441: Thomas Sterner: Author of The Practicing Mind

Thomas Sterner is truly a jack of all trades.  He is a philosopher, singer, jazz pianist and of course author.  Regardless of profession, vocation or hobby, there is an underlying theme in all that he does.  He has, as he calls it, the observer mind.  As you will learn on today's episode we all possess such a mind and indeed life will seem less challenging once we begin to experience this observer portion of who we are.

In his book The Practicing Mind he details with anecdotes and wisdom how we can begin to see our tasks as the destination instead of seeing the goal as what to shoot for.  He details that the process of practicing changes once you change your mindset.  Subsequently he adds that the mindset of practice can be applied to any of life's challenges.

It is with considerable pleasure that I introduce Tom Sterner to ZEN commuter.

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