438: Agnes Baker Pilgrim "Grandma Aggie"

One of the great joys of hosting ZEN commuter is the ability to meet so many amazing people.  In an effort to help you (and myself) understand that there is a calm life possible to all of us I speak with people from all walks of life.  These people all have an underlying sense of gratitude, love of life and commitment to being the best they can be.

Agnes Baker Pilgrim has lived those tenets for 91 years.  In her journeys on this planet she has amassed considerable wisdom.  The best part is, she has made it accessible to all in her book, Grandma Says: Wake up World!  In it, like today she talks about commonsense ways to live a fuller more joyful life.  I am so grateful to have met her and to have the ability to share her wisdom with the ZEN commuter audience.

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Grandma Says: Wake Up World! - Available on Amazon


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