425: Everyday Courage: An Interview with Dennis Martinez

Many times we put celebrities on pedestals.  In some cases we idolize them thinking that they were born with some mystical power or at least a good genetic compliment.  We hear stories of bravery and courage and immediately think that those qualities are reserved for those who are firemen or policemen.

We link tales of courage and bravery with actions that are life threatening.  The truth is that courage comes in many forms.  It comes with speaking your mind, unapologetically.  Maybe going against the crowd or siding with the underdog.  In some cases it comes from seeing something way outside your comfort Zone and doing it anyway.  That is the case with Dennis Martinez, my guest  today.  Dennis currently lives in Berkeley California.  A short while ago he decided that his life needed a new chapter.  Accordingly he decided to sell most of his stuff, pack up the rest and move to Osaka japan.  Come listen to his story on today's episode


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