336: 5 Habits to Super Charge Your Growth

Decisions take effort but habits run on auto pilot.  Let's face it.  You don't have to think to brush your teeth right, you just do it.  It's a habit that has been engrained since you were little with the help of Mom and Dad.  

There are habit like brushing your teeth that are good for you.  Then there are habits that launch you into a whole new way of living, living with purpose and intention.  They focus on the things that will improve your life: body, mind and spirit/soul.

Today I am going to discuss the top 5 that will super charge your development. Admittedly I am not going to delve into each of them since I have spent several episodes on each of them.  Check out the show notes for resources from other bloggers and thought leaders that will help as well.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • 4 Resources for creating positive habits
  • Why habits take less mental energy to complete
  • How meditation creates a calm day
  • A proven method for reading 35 books a year
  • A review of the minimum requirements for daily exercise
  • Why waking up earlier is the most beneficial for focus
  • Three different methods of journaling


Positive Habit Formation


Real Life Calm Meditation Instruction Course - Presale


James Clear - Reading Suggestion


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