331: How to Plan Your Meals for the Week

Like most everything in your life you should have some level of planning.  I am not a rigid man, thinking everything has to be planned to the letter, but you do need to have a rough framework.  The same is true for eating as well.  You need to have some idea of the calories that are coming in so you make sure that you are not eating more than you are burning.

Today I talk about the ways to go about shopping that will have you selecting healthy food that is appropriate in calories.  After that I will talk about Macronutrients and the places where you will find them.

Lastly I will talk about how to plan and cook your meals for the week that will still give you time to enjoy life.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • How Supermarkets are laid out
  • The benefits of reading nutrition labels
  • Sources of Protein
  • Sources of complex Carbohydrates
  • How to save time cooking staples for the week
  • Effective use of your crockpot.


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