326: Belonging Week - How to Cultivate a Love of Spending Time Alone

Our society in the United States enforces the idea that being part of a couple is the ultimate goal.  I have been to other parts of the world and realize that is the case their too.  It may even be global.  Global or not, it is a fallacy and not fact.

One of the greatest personal challenges many people face is a total lack of understanding about who they are.  Many people strive so hard to be with other people, to please other people, that they either forget who they are or have never even determined who they are.

Today I talk about the reasons why people have difficulty being alone and then I will discuss ways to start to become comfortable with your alone time.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • Five reasons you might not enjoy alone time
  • Six ways to begin to enjoy your alone time
  • The cultural bias towards couples
  • How hobbies help squelch the inner critic

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