254: 6 Ways to Determine If You Are Too Self-absorbed

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"Peace and Love go hand in hand and Love is a connection to everyone.  Therefore to understand calm, you need to step outside of who you are." - Thom Walters

It has been said that no man is an island.  The understanding exists that in order to live fully one must acknowledge that he or she is not alone.  Each of us must commune with one and other in order to live fully.

It is not just necessary in regards to teamwork.  Although the quote is indeed true it doesn’t make reference to the overall scheme of the Universe.  This world is based on growth.  Each of us, regardless of career choice or lack of same, gives to the world in some fashion.  If each of us chose not to give back then our civilization would cease to be.

However, due to social media ( a misnomer ) and some other factors it appears that the adage about community is being lost. 

Along with the “island” it is also a common thought that the pace of the world is getting quicker, that people have more on their plates and minds than ever before.  Unfortunately that may be a perception and not fact.

Many more people are retreating from each other, cocooning themselves in their own created dramas and worries.  Instead of reaching out to find peace, they are turning inward.  Unfortunately again it is not to find peace with one’s self but rather to create a world that exists solely for their individual benefit.

It is the hope that in your desire to find serenity you are not turning to a life of self-absorption.  How would you know?  Some reflection would hasten the answer but today on ZEN commuter there are 6 tell tale signs that might make it even more apparent.

Listen in and find out.

Topics Discussed in this Episode

  • The real understanding of communication
  • The narcissism of Social Media
  • How your buying habits demonstrate your true beliefs
  • Why a need to be right is a cry from your ego to be recognized


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Question of the Day

When was the last time you had a conversation with a complete stranger? How did it make you feel?

Action of the Day

Start a 5 - 10 minute conversation with someone you do not know


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