247: Understanding The Difference Between Your Higher and Human Selves

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"The greatest understanding to living a peaceful life is the belief that your human form is not all there is." - Thom Walters

There are times when you simply exist; when you experience timelessness and an absence of ego.  In those times you are connected to your higher self.  In your more human times you feel worry and fear.  Despite the fact that both essences seem so different, both are important tools for discovering your divinity, your true purpose on this world.

Today I talk about the difference between the two selves and how to integrate them for a fuller life.

Topics Discussed in the Episode

  • The definition of your higher self
  • The difference in energies between your human and higher selves


Question of the Day

What was the last truly selfless thing you did?

Action of the Day

Perform an anonymous random act of kindness


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