241: Colin Wright, Author, Speaker and Creator of ExileLifestyle

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My guest today is Colin Wright, creater of ExileLifestyle.com.  He is a serial entrepreneur, publisher, author and speaker.  Upon graduating from college he took the business world by storm and created a variety of successful businesses.

One aspect of who he was told him to pursue wealth, to work and work hard.  Luckily for  all of us his heart intervened and led him to the amazing life he created.

He left the confines of a traditional office and instead creates an office wherever he ends up traveling to (as selected by his readers).  He travels full time and has experienced community in a completely unique way, his way.

As cofounder of Asymmetrical press he is helping other authors expand their voice as well.  His Wordtasting tour this year will prove to be another success for Colin and his business partners, Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.

Join Colin and myself as we discuss the nature of the world, coffee hiatuses and the creation of a purposeful life.

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