208: 5 Reasons You Save Things and How to Stop

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I am not sure how it is in other parts of the world but here in the states it’s not “you are what you eat”, it’s “you are what you buy”.  It certainly isn’t serving when the desire to define yourself literally comes with a price.  If only it were as simple as the price of the things you buy.

Unfortunately there are compounded costs, like the cost of the upkeep of your things and the hours spent at work making more money to buy more.  However the issue of purchasing is just the tip of the iceberg.  Once you buy something then you need to hold on to it.  In that process your freedom shrinks and your stress levels rise.

Why do you need so much?  Correction; why do you want so much.  Wouldn’t it be easier to simply have necessities, true necessities.  It would be, and it is.

Minimalism is not the going without, as one sage wrote.  It is the understanding of only having what you absolutely need.

Today I will talk about the reasons you hold on to things and ways to counteract those tendencies. 



Question of the Day

What is the most expensive thing you own that you haven't used in a year?

Action of the Day

Donate that thing to charity

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