192: Creating Positive Habits Utilizing the Habit Cycle


Your life is a series of habits, good and bad.  Even though habit talk is very trendy these days there is a great deal of merit to discussing them.  Each of us has heard that motivation and willpower are the keys to making a habit stick.  The truth is that neither of those things play a significant part in the process.  As science tells us the truth is that what really counts is a habit cycle.  Today I defer to the expertise of James Clear and Charles Duhigg for their take on the habit cycle.

Quotes of the Day

"Our daily decisions and habits have a huge impact upon both our levels of happiness and success." - Shawn Achor

Topics Discussed

  • The spontaneity of habit
  • An explanation of the habit cycle
  • James Clear's expertise on habit
  • The benefit of writing down your habits


Question of the Day 

What was the last habit you learned?  Were you successful right from the start?


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