187: Brotherhood Week: Other People as Teachers


This world is amazing.  There are 8 billion people in it and each day you meet what seems like a random section of them.  Would it surprise you to know that every person you meet was arranged by your soul?  In my opinion that is exactly what happens.  Everyone you meet today has the ability to teach you a transformative lesson.

Your life will change magnificently when you adopt or experience that philosophy.  Listen to how it gets done today on ZEN commuter.

Quotes of the Day  

"There is no randomness to your day.  Every action, every chance meeting was brought about by your soul looking to experience light" - Thom Walters

Topics Discussed

  • The difference between your human self and your higher self
  • How you grow when you see the world as your teachers

Question of the Day 

Do you believe that you bring everyone into your life?  If not, Explain why you feel that way.

Action of the Week

Think of a person from your past whom you did not get along with.  Now list 5 things you had in common with them and 5 things you admired about them.


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