Episode 096 Releasing Negative People from Your Life

Everything you do has one of two consequences, it either moves you forward to experiencing a joyful life, or it moves you farther away from that life.  The same goes for people, all people.  The people you surround yourself with make up the life you have.  Listen to ways to address people who are negative.

In this episode I talk about how to surround yourself with nothing but positive people.  I talk about how to kindly let the negative people experience their own path without you.

You get to choose all the people in your life, all of them.

The stores you shop in, the restaurants you eat in and the businesses in between impact your ability to be uplifted or depressed.

Choose to shop only where you feel a positive energy.  It is easy to discern.  First of all you can feel if a place is positive or not.  If you need further evidence look to see if the people working there are happy or smiling.

Don't spend the money you earn in a place that makes you feel bad, regardless of whether it is convenient or not.

You can also be surrounded by positive people at work too.  Spend time with the ones who support you and down suck the life out of you.  

It is important to realize that you choose to work where you work.  It is not a necessity.  you can always leave.  Don't let laziness or apathy keep you where you work everyday, becoming more and more miserable.  Move to another group in the business or leave altogether.

Your family and friends must be a place where you are always supported.  

Tips for releasing negative people from your Life.

1.) Assess if they are negative most of the time or just occasionally.  If it is all the time you need to address it with them.  if it is occasionally then let them vent every now and then.

2.) if it is all the time tell them using "I" statements that it is impacting you negatively.

     "I don't always have a good time when you always talk about depressing things.  I enjoy our time better when we are laughing and having a good time"

If they can own that, then keep enjoying the friendship.  If  they can't tell them that you would rather spend time around people who are light and uplifting.

Its a tough conversation to have but it needs to happen to uphold your peace of mind


Questions of the Day

Why do allow people in your life that don't support you or make you feel bad about life?

If you don't have people in your life that are that way, how did you get rid of them?

Action of the Day

Make a list of your five closest friends.  Determine if they are supportive or not.

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