Episode 092 How to Control your Emotions

Do not let another day go by where your dedication to other people’s opinions is greater than your dedication to your own emotions!
— Steve Maraboli

You get mad at times.  Hopefully you are happier more times than mad.  But even anxiety and sadness are okay too.  That is the premise of this episode, that your emotions all have the ability to add to your life, even the less talked about ones, like jealousy or anger.

How you respond to your emotions will determine how successful you are in your life.  By no means would I want you to be a stoic, feelingless robot.  I want you to experience every emotion you have in your body, but do so in ways that will move you forward, not push you back.

Today I talk about how to handle the four basic emotions that are felt the most; anger, anxiety, sadness and happiness.  Your body will tell you when you are feeling any emotion, most times before you are even aware of the feeling.

Listen for the complete details


  • Take 1-2 deep breaths when you feel angry
  • count to 6
  • Excuse yourself if need be
  • Quietly respond to the issue that caused your becoming upset.


  • Ask yourself why you are sad
  • Determine if you need to experience the sadness more
  • Ask if your dealing with the sadness is taking to long.  Are you able to get back into living?
  • Seek professional help or ask a friend for their time


  • Be aware of the feelings of others around you
  • Enjoy the feeling
  • Mentally record it so you can  "play it back" when you are feeling sad, angry or anxious


Listen to the entire week of ZEN commuter last week, episode 87 - 91, for complete details on how to work through stress.

Question of the Day

Do you consciously select your emotions or are you more prone to the emotions of others?

Action of the Day

Begin to become aware of your emotions. Today at 9:00 am, 1:00 pm and 7:00 pm take a genuine feelings inventory.  List the two most predominant emotions you are feeling at each of the above times.

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