Episode 104 How to Be Loving to the World, Part One

Seek always to do some good, somewhere. Every man has to seek in his own way to realize his true worth. You must give some time to your fellow man. For remember, you don’t live in a world all your own. Your brothers are here too.
— Albert Schweitzer

I may be a loving man but I am not blind to the challenges we have, as a people, getting along.  The world is an amazing place.  Despite wars and disagreements, political debates and conflicting ideologies, we are one people.  We forget that when we let ego, fear and judgment rule.

Regardless of social stature, income or looks, we are indeed, still one people. We each have our fears and dreams, hope and worries.  Each of us can be felled by disease or accident.  No one is immortal.

You would think that the realization that we are all equal would be enough to allow everyone to get along.  But humanness steps in and as beautiful a teacher as it can be, it also has the ability to drive us apart.

Ego and pride, coupled with fear is a combination that has some men and women believing they are more, above the crowd.

At times it seems as if that thought is growing.  Our culture seems bent on creating rifts and divisions.  A plethora of contest shows all have the same insipid premise; find the best and send the rest away.  Yet the best is never determined.  It is simply a contrived judgment arrived at by a self-important wind bag who professes to know it all.

But there is hope.  Outside of the media, away from the cameras and the Hollywood hype, there are people who truly know that we are al equals.  There are billions of people trying to make their way in the world as best they know how.  They may stumble and fall but their hearts have the capacity to create a global community.

7 Guidelines for Loving the World

  1. Do not Judge
  2. Communicate - Don't simply talk.  Listen as well.  Share ideas.
  3. Be Genuine - Do not look to appear more than you are.  You are perfect.  There is nothing better.  Ego, putting on airs or showing off is aimed at making someone envious.  It does not create community.
  4. Be Interested - When speaking with anyone, show genuine desire to connect with them, to learn what they are saying.
  5. Be Kind - Offer to help when you can.  Look to give, not just take.
  6. Be Loving - Act as if the person you are talking to is a member of your family.  They truly are.
  7. Allow people to be happy - Let them talk about things that interest them.


The Action of the Day is meant to help you put the principles of ZEN commuter into practice.  They won't always be easy.  They are meant to take you out of your comfort zone.  In doing so, help you arrive at a life that is meaningful

Action of the day for Episode 104

Have a short conversation with anyone you don't know well and get an answer for one of these 3 questions

  1. Where is their favorite place to vacation?
  2. What are their plans for the weekend?
  3. What is their favorite food?

The question of the day is meant to prompt introspection.  The optimal method is to journal nightly about the question of the day.  The other goal of the question of the day is to spur dialogue between listeners.  Start a conversation by answering the QOTD in the comments section below.

Question of the Day for Episode 104

Who was the last person you struck up a conversation with whom you didn't know?  How did it make you feel afterwards?



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