Episode 102 An Overview of Depression

The goal of ZENcommuter is to help everyone experience a happy and peaceful life.  While it is possible for most everyone there are people who face challenges adopting an upbeat attitude.

Men and women suffering from depression, ranging from mild to sever, face challenges in seeing the positive aspects of life.  Simply changing their thoughts may present a problem.

Today I want to take a moment to address the seriousness of depression.  In this episode I will:

  • Define depression
  • Distinguish the differences betwen sadness, depression and clinical depression
  • Detail the DSM symptoms for clinical depression
  • List some of the causes of depression
  • Explain treatment options for depression
  • Detail lifestyle options for managing depression
  • Listed coping strategies for dealing with depression

Online Depression and Suicide Prevention Resources

Accurate Articles on Depression

The Question of the Day and Action of the Day will return tomorrow

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