Episode 100 The Joy of Creating

It is better to create than to learn! Creating is the essence of life.
— Julius Ceasar

The essence of life is to create.  The urge to make something from nothing, bring order from chaos, is the nature of our hearts and truly all that we are.  This innate yearning guarantees that our species will survive.  If we didn't strive to create then our civilization as we know it would cease to be.

Since there is this powerful yearning within each of us, isn't it possible that if it is not exercised daily, then our sense of purpose would wane as well?  That may have sounded like a question begging for an answer.  However, it was as close to rhetorical as they come.

Do you remember the fun you had making a picture for your Mom and Dad?  You didn't care if it was perfect or not.  You enjoyed the creative process.  You enjoyed making something from your own two hands and mind.  The child you were knew what I mentioned above; that creating is a part of each of who we are.  

Since each of us creates on some level each day there is the possibility that you are satisfying that inner desire daily, and in turn not feeling uneasy about a lack of creation.  However, that urge is very strong.  So in the event you are not creating enough daily then you will need to supplement in the hours that remain in the day.

Here are some great options that will assist you in that goal.

  • Make dinner for yourself from scratch.  Get a recipe, shop for ingredients and make the meal.
  • Start writing a book, or at least daily in your journal
  • Work on a jigsaw puzzle with your son or daughter or by yourself
  • Paint, sketch or draw a picture. You can be private about it if you wish.
  • Change the oil in your car
  • Create a sculpture
  • Work on a woodworking project

Question of the Day

What was the last thing you created with your two hands?

Action of the Day

Draw a picture of anything within the next 24 hours and tack it to your refrigerator.

Time to wake up!

I am hoping you are not still waking up to a loud buzzing alarm clock, insipid talk radio, or loud music.  There is no way you can start the day in a positive space when you are yanked from sleep by a blaring alarm.  I have created an alarm tone that is effective, soothing and positive.

Download Alarm Tone for Smartphones

Simply right click the link above and save it to your computer.  The file is small enough for you to be able to email it to your phone and save it there.  Refer to your individual smartphone manual for specific directions on how to save and use a custom ringtone.


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