147: The Calm of a Morning Routine



"When you arise in the morning think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive - To breathe, To think, to enjoy, to Love" - Marcus Aurelius


How you wake up each morning sets the tone for the whole day.  If you drag yourself out of bed with barely enough time to get ready for work, you are going to feel behind all day.  What's more you are not actually creating your life; you are responding to the life of others.

Waking up early and having a plan for creating the perfect day is a conscious choice, an essential choice.  So often the understanding that our entire lives are a choice eludes many people.  

When you wake up early you have the entire day at your disposal.  Most everyone else is sleeping in.  That means no emails to answer, no phone calls to take and no one to answer to but yourself.

It is freeing and wonderfully liberating to have a part of the day that is strictly yours.  The equally good thing is that you are actively setting yourself up for a productive day, your day; not the day that everyone else has laid out for you.

Lisen to how your morning routine starts you off on a perfect life, one day at a time.

Topics Covered

  • The Benefits of a Morning Routine
  • How to Wake Up Early
  • 8 Activities for a Perfect Morning Routine 


Journal Question

What wakes you up in the morning?  How does it impact your day?


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