119: At Work or Home: 10 Easy Ways to Relax

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Why do you think people are so intense?  If you take a look around you will see more stern faces than smiles.  Life isn't that tough.  So what's the story.  People are losing their ability to relax.  It isn't just about stress or the seemingly omnipresent angst of life.  It's about people's inability or lack of desire to relax.  

But I am not about to let this world fall into a state of joyless drudgery and hopefully neither are you.  There are many reasons why people choose to be uptight and rigid.  Every one of those reasons is of their own choosing.  There are engrained belief systems that point to perceived weaknesses, gender roles and self-worth.  

The good news is that I have 10 unique ways to start cultivating a desire to relax, at home or at work.

Inspiration Quote

" Nothing costs as little and is worth as much as a smile.  relax, let yourself smile and see the light come back to you tenfold" - Unknown


Topics Covered in this Episode

  • The Link between gender roles and the inability to relax
  • The misperception of weakness in asking for help
  • How low self-worth plays an important part in remaining rigid
  • 5 ways to relax at work
  • 5 Ways to relax at home
  • How to retool your thinking to become more relaxed and live longer.

Journal Question

Which word best describes you: Driven, Light-hearted, passionate, hard-working, fun or serious?  When did you last exemplify the word?

The Action of the Day:

Smile at 10 strangers today


Denise Austin Stretching at your desk


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