117: The Quickest Way to Confidence is to Learn

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Yesterday I talked about how to become confident in your own thoughts and ideas, how to stop following.  I touched on one way to increase your confidence and that was to start listing the things you have learned and the skills you have accomplished.

Today I want to expound on that thought.  I want to talk about how to grow by learning something every day.

Inspiration Quote

" Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school" - Albert Einstein


Topics Covered in this Episode

  • How the nature of the soul is to grow
  • A real lesson in listening to your intuition
  • The reason you feel empty when you don't grow
  • A proven way to increase self-confidence
  • An area of focus for your daily journaling
  • How to make learning part of your every day

Journal Question

What was the last thing you learned and how did it make you feel?


The Action of the Day:

Teach yourself something this evening; something small to start.  Perhaps it could be to read a wikipedia topic or learning 5 new words in a foreign language.


Creative Thinking in everyday Life 

Learn Something New Every Day



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