1203: Victoria Moran: Understanding Veganism, Yoga and Life Purpose (R)

Victoria Moran is a vegan of over three decades and currently serving as “Peta’s Sexiest Vegan Over 50.” She is the Oprah-featured author of thirteen books, including the iconic Main Street Vegan, and The Main Street Vegan Academy Cookbook, available for pre-sale now on Amazon and BN.com. Victoria hosts the award-winning Main Street Vegan podcast, is director of Main Street Vegan Academy, an exciting 6-day program in New York City that trains and certifies Vegan Lifestyle Coaches and Educators.  She is a producer of the upcoming documentary, The Compassion Project, introducing veganism to people of faith.

Links mentioned in the episode:

The Main Street Vegan Podcast on iTunes

The Mainstreet Vegan Academy Cook book on Amazon (presale)

The Main Street Vegan Academy Certificate Program

Victoria Moran on Twitter


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