Real Life Calm Complete Set

Real Life Calm Complete Set


With over 2.5 hours of guided meditations, the complete set helps you find peace from a variety of daily challenges.  Sleep better, be more confident or listen to a guided meditation created to help you relieve stress.  All ten meditations in one set.

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The complete set includes:

  • Your Daily purpose - Unwind as you discover what your true purpose is.
  • Peaceful Sleep Meditation - End the day listening to a meditation designed to have you sleeping peacefully for the evening.
  • Stress Relief - This guided visualization will have you relaxed in no time.
  • Increase Confidence - Listen as this meditation helps you find your inner strength for success
  • Calming Breath - Breath is the ultimate focus for meditation.  This selection helps you become calm while learning how to breathe for meditation.
  • Morning Meditation - Start the day in a calm, focused manner.  This audio will help you set the tone for the day.
  • Gratitude Meditation - Gratitude is the key to living a satisfying life.  Listen as this session has you understanding the gifts that you possess.
  • Mindful Eating Exercise - This exercise is designed to help you be more conscious of your eating habits.  Listen and become aware of how to eat for health.
  • Self - Love Meditation - Listen and become appreciative of who you are. 
  • Inner Peace Meditation - This guided journey helps you reach a level of tranquility inside of you.