520: This Moment Will Never Come Around; Why Are You Trying to Avoid It

Hello my friends and welcome to Five Minute Mojo.  Yesterday I was returning home from my morning jog.  As I was shutting down the app that calculated my distance and calories I came around to the back of my house.  As I was taking off my gloves and locating my keys I could feel the warmth of the sun on my face.  It was radiant.  My mind didn’t register it.  I had to find my keys and get my day started.  In that moment I heard a voice in my head; it was clearly from higher self.

“Why are you wasting this moment?”

As off-putting as it may sound, I answered.  “I have things that need to be done.”

The voice went on to ask why I jog in the morning.  It then hastened to recall a conversation I had with my Mom and Dad.

“You told them you jog so that you can greet the day, to feel the sun.  Well, there it is. You feel it on your face.  Take in this moment.  You longed for sun for the past three days and now that it’s here you are too busy to feel it”

I knew in a moment that voice was right.  I stopped looking for my keys and instead turned my face to the sun.  I closed my eyes for a moment and felt it’s warmth.  Upon opening my eyes I took in the entire vista; the clouds against the deep blue sky. Bare trees adding a different texture to the panorama.  

The sun was shining on my car, right on my windshield.  As I turned to assess if the rays were  powerful enough to melt the frost off of it I was stopped in my tracks by the sight on the glass.  There was frost on the windshield, all over it.  But it wasn’t a simple frost.  The elements and glass conspired to create a masterpiece.  Thousands of ice crystals patterned my windshield.  They were absolutely beautiful, so ornate; truly a work of art.  Their beauty was intensified by the rays of the sun, each one a prism, bending the sunshine.  The window was clean so I could also see the branches of bare trees reflected on this masterpiece.  The silhouettes of the bare trees coupled with those of pines overhead had me catching by breath.

Any other day, in an equal rush I would have raced out to the car to get the scraper to de-ice it and head off somewhere in the future.

In this moment, thanks to the link I have to my higher self, I was able to stop and see something truly magnificent, something I would have glossed over in any one of the hurried moments I sometimes find myself in.  

It made me think of all the things that we miss by trying to do too much, trying to do to much in the future.  I talk about the beauty of being in the present moment on several occasions, however in this moment the teacher became the student.  I was humbled and happy.

Question of the Day:

  • What was the last thing you saw that was seemingly commonplace but became beautiful by being completely in the moment?
  • When were you fully in the moment and what did you see?

Don’t skim over this opportunity to learn about yourself, answer the question with thought.

If you found today’s episode helpful then share it with your friends.  Help them become better for themselves as well.  This is Thom Walters signing off for Five Minute Mojo.  Go make the rest of the day amazing, sleep tight and sweet dreams.

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