729: Radiate Love to the Entire World - Living the Buddha (R)

I have to say I am not sure if this is a true buddha quote, but regardless, the message was so important and timely, that I thought I would talk about it.  Just like yesterday, it’s just a few words that hold so much power, and for some people, some challenges.

“Radiate boundless love towards the entire world” - Buddha

7 words that could change the entire planet if everyone was to put that suggestion into effect.  I have to tell you, I love this planet, this world, but I shake my head sometimes wondering why we have such huge challenges in being kind and loving to each other.  I know there is a reason, but frankly, I just don’t understand why skin color, orientation, gender or religion or any other marker, separates people.  Why is it so hard for people to get along.  I guess that is why I Love this quote so much.

Today I was at the gas station filling up on a beautiful spring day (and yes, I know it’s still February) when a family came walking out of the gas station mini mart.  There was a mother who was somewhat plain and significantly overweight and her husband/boyfriend or just friend was with her.  He was tall, in shorts, with an ungroomed beard and several big tattoos on his arms and legs.

Between them was their son, I assume.  He was about five years old and each of his hands was holding one of theirs.  Together, they radiated love. It was so apparent.  I was thinking about how nice it was to see, how happy it made me feel.

Alone, each of his parents could possibly be judged, for their appearance, their size.  In that moment at the gas station though, their son was so happy.  His smile was so big, happy to be with people who loved him.  He didn’t see their weight, tattoos or dress.  He just knew that he was safe and happy with people that he loved.

It got me thinking.  How awesome would it be if everyone could be as kind and loving as this child.  He didn’t see anything to separate him from his Mom and Dad; in fact, he saw unity. You could see it.  There they were at the gas station, three individuals, yet you would be hard-pressed to see anything other than one energy.  and indeed it was and is one energy…Love.

For something so abundant, limitless actually, it amazes me how many people not only are blind to it, but are also unaware of how transformative it is.  

Each of us has the ability to heal the world, to without a doubt, transform it to a place of absolute splendor.  And yet many times we forget that power, and worse than forgetting, at times we actually fight against it.

So how do you radiate love towards the entire world? Well, I tell you what.  I will answer that question on tomorrow’s episode of ZEN commuter.  It’s an important question to answer, and since I will no doubt meditate to arrive at an answer, that will be a perfect fit for tomorrow’s show.

But I don’t want to leave you hanging, so why don’t I give you one tip for today to help you radiate love to the entire world.  The next time you are feeling angry with someone, take a moment and picture them with their family.  Imagine them with their own family or the one they were born into.  Of course you don’t know what their family looks like so visualize what you think they would look like.  Picture all of them having a holiday dinner; lots of food, saying grace possibly, and smiling and laughing together.

It’s hard to vilify someone as a jerk when you understand that regardless of the situation you find yourself in with them, they too, are loving and loved.

I am going to forgo a question of the day so that you can think a little bit more of this important topic, brought to us from the Buddha.

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