405: It is a Mystery, But it's Part of Life

Question of the Day:

What happens when you die?

The thought of death terrorizes some people.  Many people avoid thinking about it, possibly believing that they will hasten its arrival.  Others avoid it because it makes them sad.  They think about what they would miss not being on the planet, and they think about those who have passed that they miss.

It will not serve you to perseverate on your mortality, but it will also not serve you to avoid it either.  Today I ask this question for two reasons:

To help you think about what you are meant to experience here on earth

To motivate you to live your life.

There is a common belief that is horribly unserving; that we have limitless time so we can wait until tomorrow to begin living the life we want.  Our lives are limited.  That shouldn't fill you with dread, but it hopefully has you thinking about doing whatever it is that makes you happy and gives you meaning.


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