Thrive market

We all know that food that is lacking in nutrition is inexpensive.  It is one of the reasons that many in the United Sates and other developed countries face such large obesity numbers.  Thrive Market wants to help you buy nutritious, healthy food at a low price.  They sell the same healthy food you see in stores at a discount, and it is shipped right to your door.


Our certified pure Vermont maple syrup is as natural as syrup comes—straight from wild grown maple trees harvested in the Green Mountain state. This robust Grade A syrup is one of the darkest available to consumers and is naturally organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. If you haven’t experienced quality syrup like this, try it on a variety of foods like bacon, pulled pork, doughnuts, vinaigrettes, creamy lattes, or create a nut butter all on your own and add maple syrup for a little sweetness.

The thin, amber syrup you pour on your pancakes and waffles wasn’t always like that—it’s harvested as a rich sap inside the bark of a maple tree, and is extracted by human hands. Getting the syrup to the proper temperature in order to extract it requires a delicate balance of hot and cold: below freezing nights and warm days in the winter months produces some of the best maple sap. Once the sap is drained from the trees, it’s then boiled down to remove water, leaving behind the syrup you know and love. Quick fact: it takes about 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of maple syrup!